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Key in the Lock

Our Guide To Renting

All applications are subject to Landlords approval, references and contract.

By submitting your information on this form, you are agreeing to it being used in a tenancy reference check, which will include obtaining your credit data and also applying to your Employer and/or your current/previous Landlords for information.

Each tenant over the age of 18 must complete an application form.

Before presenting the offer to the landlord, we are required by law to carry out a right to rent check. Under Section 22 of the Immigration Act 2014 Landlords and Agents are responsible for checking that all tenants and occupiers have the “Right to Rent” in the UK.

As part of your tenancy application, each adult occupier must provide their original Passport so we can verify they are the Passport Holder and to obtain copies for our records. If you are unable to prove you have the “Right to Rent” we will not be able to accept your application.

Once the landlord has agreed to your offer in principle, you will be required to pay the holding deposit equivalent to one weeks’ rent up to a maximum of £500.00. This will be required to be paid within 24 hours. The property remains on the market until the holding deposit has been received.

Landlords will usually have two weeks (14 days) to enter into a tenancy agreement with a tenant once a holding deposit has been received. This is before the ‘deadline for agreement’, which is the 15th day after the holding deposit has been received.

The Renting Process

1. On Finding A Property

You will need to pay a security deposit equivalent to one week's rent. All deposits and holdings must be paid by bank transfer, cash, bank check or credit/debit card. Personal checks will not be accepted at any time.

One photo ID (passport or driver's license) and one proof of address (electricity bill not older than last three months) from all rental members over the age of 18 is required. Identification MUST be received before we can issue the reference forms.

After receiving the deposit and documents, the property will be recalled from the market and we will send a reference form to fill it out. Please note that all references must be submitted within 48 hours of payment. References not submitted within this period may result in their properties being re-advertised. The tenancy can take place provided that all references are satisfactory. If the rental does not continue due to insufficient reference, or if for some reason you choose to cancel the rental, the deposit will not be refunded. If the landlord withdraws from Let, a full refund will be made.

2. On Signing The Agreements

Signing contracts are made on the starting date of the lease or before the predetermined date and time. One month's rent and one month's security deposit are required in advance. The full amount must be paid by bank transfer, money order (payment to "Temple I Ltd") or credit/debit card. All future rents must be paid with a standing order (details will be provided on move). Payment by cash or card. Checks are not accepted for rental payments at any time. The contract and the exchange of keys will not take place until all the money has been paid and confirmed and all the tenant's members have signed the contract. If the landlord provides inventory, you will be asked to participate in the property for full verification of the rental start date. This will be arranged with prior notice.

The deposit is held against any breakage and/or damage and general cleaning of the property and will be returned provided that the property is left in a satisfactory order when the lease expires. The deposit is returned to the new address you provided with our representative. All deposits are returned as a company check or online transfer (no exceptions). Some owners may want to keep the deposit, in which case we can not take legal responsibility for the return. Note: Deposits held by us are saved in a "Customer Trust Account" and protected by "My DEPOSITS" - Deposits held by us will be returned within ten days working group after deduction (if necessary), unless otherwise agreed any dispute is registered by either party.


You should NOT be under the impression that the deposit can be used as a final or possible rental payment. Property inspections will be conducted quarterly and we ask for your cooperation in allowing an employee to perform this task well in advance. If you have maintenance issues with the property, please contact our office immediately and we will arrange a maintenance contractor. It is our company's policy to contact the landlord to authorize repairs, which may cause a slight delay when the problem is fixed, and we appreciate your patience, but if we consider the problem to be an emergency, we have the right to make emergency repairs. immediately. If you (the tenant) agree on the maintenance work without the consent of the landlord/landlords, you may have to pay the entire bill yourself.

3. Once Your Tenancy Has Commenced

If the property you rent has been cleaned by a professional cleaning contractor, you (the tenant) will have to pay to have the property professionally cleaned (if necessary). Note: This is determined by the personnel conducting the final inspection and inventory. Approximately two months before the tenant's expiration date, you will be notified of your vacation date. If you need an extension or renewal, as long as both parties agree to the terms (terms may differ from the original agreement), you only need to sign the new leases in our office.

If you want to terminate the lease before the lease expires, subject to the landlord's agreement, you are responsible for the rent until the new tenants take over. You are also responsible for covering reasonable fees related to the rental. When you intend to leave the property, a final inspection agreement is planned so that you can make the designated inventory. If the property is left in unsatisfactory condition or breakage or damage is noted (excluding normal wear and tear), a reasonable contribution for cleaning and/or replacement of items is deducted from the deposit.

Be sure to inform all utility companies, including your local town hall tax office, on how to relocate. Also, remember to give Royal Mail advice as we are not responsible for forwarding or redirecting mail.

Registration Your Interest

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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